How To Avoid Gaining Weight On Holidays

First Posted: Dec 15, 2016 05:35 AM EST

It is the most wonderful time to overeat, indulge and be fat!

Christmas time is fast approaching and people are afraid of the amount of weight they could gain. With all the parties, all-night drinking, family dinners and reunions scheduled, how would a person enjoy the holidays without resulting to shopping for new pairs of pants to begin another year?

NZ Herald reported that people should not need to worry unless they take a break in going to the gym and eating healthy. According to women's health and hormone specialist, Dr. Sohere Roked at Omniya Medical Clinic in Knightsbridge, New Zealand, it is advisable for people to continue with their healthy routines through Christmas season.

Just because its Christmas break, it does not mean one cannot sweat off the cake. Dr. Roked added that it is also important to eat a good breakfast loaded with proteins to give people's bodies a good start. This will help them feel full for a longer time, which could help them avoid their cravings as well.

While the string of Christmas parties seems to be never-ending, it is also advised taking a couple of nights off for a good rest. Dr. Roked said it is good to say pass on a night out and end it early for the adrenal glands to take a break. This will give them a rest from producing too much cortisol that would trigger people's sugary and salty cravings.

The website, Greatist, also listed more ways to avoid holiday weight gain. This includes eating and chewing slowly, using smaller plates, filling up on fiber, choosing to eat vegetables, sending away food for guests, drinking more water and de-stressing.

In serving food, author Nicole McDermott also gave a nice tip: "When you sit down for the main event, leave food in the kitchen (away from reach) rather than display a basket full of piping hot rolls, multiple casseroles, and an entire turkey directly on the table," she wrote. "When you've cleaned your plate, take a breather, and then decide if you really want seconds. Changing up the environment-in this case, by leaving food near the stove-can help reduce overall food intake."

Happy Holidays!

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