Obesity Prevention Law Passed: Chocolates To Be Banned In Public Fundraisers In Australia

First Posted: Dec 15, 2016 04:54 AM EST

The Australian government passed an obesity prevention law, which banned the distribution of chocolates in events that are organized by government organizations to raise funds for public causes. The ACT Public Sector Healthy Food and Drink Choices policy specified that the "red food items" known to cause obesity including chocolates, soft drinks and deep fried foods should not be served in public fund raisers and giveaways, in lieu of the fact that these food items are responsible for the growing problem of obesity and the occurrence of related health complications.

No Chocolates, Only Mangoes

The government also recommended that these red food items can be replaced with healthier options such as mangoes. The government sent an official notice to its employees, which clearly states that "While chocolate or confectionary fundraisers are often trying to raise money for a good cause, they have a detrimental impact on our health."

The notice also mentioned that such events can offer healthier alternatives such as mangoes and fruit trays, a changing trend that the memo noted as "proven to be very popular." According to the report published by The New Daily, ACT bureaucrats will be forced to swap Freddos for mangoes in public events.

A Welcome Strategy Toward Obesity Prevention

The rule was criticized by some and welcomed by many. The ACT chief minister's directorate member Mike Young welcomed the new forced rule and said that the government can play an important role in controlling the increasing rates of obesity in the state.

"When you consider that one in four adults in the ACT are obese, it's the government's view that work that can be done to make healthier choices easier for people should be done," Young said.

Given the fact that recent research studies are pointing out obesity as the chief culprit in the occurrence of many chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, any reform initiated by government agencies or private enterprises should be taken optimistically.

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