Spacemen Are Not All Alone Up There? NASA ISS Live Feed Shows UFO Moving Across Space Station's Orbit?

First Posted: Dec 15, 2016 05:17 AM EST

Astronauts on missions might not be all alone in outer space. This speculation has been raised by people who are searching for the unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and aliens in space including the astronauts themselves.

Some people and alien enthusiasts are speculating that UFOs and aliens appear in other planets. So, they are curious if these UFOs and aliens do really exist. It is interesting to know that human beings are not all alone in this universe if these are proven true with evidence.

Meanwhile, even some astronauts believe that they are not all alone in the space when they are on a mission. NASA astronaut and American engineer Leroy Chiao believes that there is life all over the universe. Chiao spent a total of 230 days on board the International Space Station (ISS) across four missions and conducted six spacewalks. He claimed that humans are not alone in the universe. He added that it is the "height of arrogance" to assume that the beings on Earth are only to emerge across the infinite universe for more than almost 14 billion years, according to Express.

Mark Sawalha, a UFO hunter and expert based in Finland, said he saw a "strange spike" that looked like an antenna. The image was taken by the American National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) during a mission to map the Moon.

Unnamed NASA officials confirmed that their unmanned Lunar Orbiter captured something that seemed a small dark "spike" casting a shadow. This raised speculations about theories of the presence of the UFOs, according to Your News Wire.

Could these conspiracy theories be true after all? Apparently, the answer remains to be seen with some evidence and sightings yet for some encountering and seeing these UFOs and aliens with their own eyes and personally would be proven factual.

Watch the video below to figure out the actuality of this extraordinary sighting in outer space.

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