Cannabis News: Possible Marijuana-infused Gummy Bears Send 14 Teens To Hospital

First Posted: Dec 08, 2016 03:26 AM EST

Students at Naperville North High School were reportedly hospitalized after consuming gummy bears with cannabis content.

CBS Chicago reported that the suburban high school in Chicago called for police help when their students were suddenly taken to Edward Hospital for experiencing dizziness, dry mouth and increased heart rate. This came after 14 of them snacked on gummy bears that were suspiciously laced with marijuana.

"This candy made those students both uncomfortable and sick, so they were taken to the nurse's office for care. For safety precautions, the students were transported to Edward Hospital to receive medical attention. Each student had varying degrees of discomfort and subsequent treatment," Naperville School District 203 wrote on its Facebook page on Tuesday.

According to the students, the gummy bears contained marijuana substance although the police still needed to confirm the claim. The officers confiscated the candies for further evaluation.

The teens claimed that each of them had only eaten one candy, which gave the experts a clue on what it might indeed contain.

"You eat gummy bears, those are pretty tasty. Why would you want to have just one - unless you know there's something else in the gummy bear?" Dr. Daryl Wilson, director of EMS at Edward Hospital, told CBS.

Moreover, a 17-year-old student was detained at the police station for investigation but was eventually released to his parents on the same night. This worried the officials at Naperville North High School considering their sworn responsibility for these students.

The school now encourages all parents to be aware of this situation and talk to their children about making healthy choices. The school added in its statement that it is only fortunate to have available resources inside its premises in addition to the immediate help given by the community partners to support the students' well-being.

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