IPhone 6 Battery Explosions In China: Apple Blames Outside Factors For Disastrous Product Failures

First Posted: Dec 08, 2016 03:40 AM EST

In the aftermath of a Chinese consumer protection report issued by the Shanghai Consumer Council last Friday, Apple has made it their top priority to investigate and determine the exact causes of the phones' critical failures, i.e. battery explosions. The report also included several other cases of the untimely powering down of iPhone 6 sets even before the batteries were depleted - a case that Apple had previously addressed late last month by issuing a global iPhone 6 recall.

The tech company, in an e-mail statement issued to Reuters earlier this week, is adamant in its conclusion that factory and Apple-centric accusations of blame are unfounded. The units that they have analyzed reportedly showed signs of physical damage that were the main causes of the failures. The spokeswoman also added in the e-mail that Apple is continuing its investigation on the untimely powering down issue.

The Shanghai Consumer Council's filed report also stated that consumer complaints involving various Apple products had a noticeable spike in numbers right after the infamous Samsung recall last October-November. This was also due to similar exploding battery cases filed by different consumers globally.

Apple sales, with the iPhone 6 and otherwise, have also begun to plummet over the past three quarters this year as several Chinese consumers have opted to switch allegiance to domestic smart phone brands. This is not at all surprising considering cases such as Samsung Electronics recalling 2.5 million Note 7 sets just marring the previously unquestioned quality of international and foreign smart phone brands.

With the supposed boost of sales for the domestic smart phone brands and the recent loss for foreign brands, Apple is still hopeful that its new iPhone 7 sets will help them bounce back early next year. It also helps that several have expressed doubts that the iPhone 6 was mainly at fault for the battery explosions.

Consumers say it might be best for the US-based tech company to assure them that the company can guarantee safety in the use of their released products.

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