The Emergence Of The Electricity-Generating SolarWindow, Could Provide Energy For Millions Of Residential, Commercial Buildings In The US

First Posted: Dec 07, 2016 04:02 AM EST

The engineers from SolarWindow Technologies, Inc. discovered the world-class electricity-generating solar window. This is novel technology, which is an environmental-friendly that could provide electricity for 85 million of houses and commercial buildings in America alone.

John A. Conklin, President and CEO of SolarWindow Technologies, Inc., said that they are moving forward in their quest to build skyscraper windows that generate vast amounts of electricity in two significant ways. That is, first, the aesthetic appeal of this type of electrical connections system that is practically invisible to the human eye is clear. Second is that this innovation provides advantages in high-speed manufacturing that traditional approaches simply cannot compete with, according to Mr. Conklin.

So, how does the SolarWindow work? SolarWindow collects light energy from the Sun and artificial sources. The window generates electrical energy when the coating that is electricity-generating is applied to the glass and plastic surfaces of the window. These coatings use an organic photovoltaic (OPV) solar array that comprised of ultra-small solar cells and fabricated using mostly hydrogen-carbon based substances. The organic photovoltaic cells convert light energy into electricity through the photoelectric effect. Once interconnected in a grid-like arrangement, these OPV cells heighten the voltage potential and electrical current in an area.

It also has this Intra-Connection System, in which it produces ultra-fine features that are approximately one-half the width of a human hair that is a pathway for the flow of electricity. The system enables continuous, high-speed, high-volume manufacturing of SolarWindow products.

The company is now developing products such as SolarWindow for commercial, residential, military aircraft, structural glass for tall structures, architectural glass for walls and dividers, flexible films, building-integrated-photovoltaic applications in residential and commercial towers. Certainly, architects, designers, engineers and building occupants would specify the use of this environmental-friendly window that could reduce electric bills and a green light for the environment. Currently, the SolarWindow technology is the subject a patent-pending technology and under production, according to SolarWindow Technologies, Inc.

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