Sex a Better Remedy to Cure Headaches

First Posted: Mar 05, 2013 05:18 AM EST

During a bad headache or migraine, most of us turn to drugs or take a nap, as this is considered the best cure.  But a latest study emphasizes on trying out a little passion instead of popping a pill.

A latest study conducted by researchers at the University of Munster states that sex is a better solution to cure migraine.

The German researchers noticed that for more than half of the migraine sufferers who had intercourse during migraine, the symptom partially reduced, while one in five who participated in the study were completely cured.

"Our results show that sexual activity during a migraine attack might relieve or even stop an attack in some cases, and that sexual activity in the presence of headache is not an unusual behavior," study researchers were quoted as saying in The Daily Mail. "Sex can abort migraine and cluster headache attacks."

According to the researchers, the reason why sex gives relief from the symptom is that sex activates the release of endorphins that function as neurotransmitters. They block the sensation of pain and affect emotions.

The study worked on data of 800 patients who had random migraines and 200 others who suffered with cluster headaches and had been treated for a period of two years. The participants were asked to report on the experience of sexual activity during headache and its impact.

Out of them, 30 percent of the participants had sex during headache. In which 60 percent of migraine patients and 36 percent with cluster headaches, both men and women, had found a relief in the symptom.  Sexual activity is used as a therapy by 36 percent who suffer from headaches. Thirteen percent women use sex to get relief from the symptom, reports The Daily Mail.

Men benefited more than women.

The details of the study were published in the International Headache Society's journal Cephalalgia.

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