Moon Village: NASA And ESA To Set It Up By 2030

First Posted: Dec 05, 2016 03:40 AM EST

Moon Village will be a permanent human outpost on the Moon for conducting scientific research, mining and as a must-see space tourism spot. Sounds sci-fi? The scientists of the European Space Agency do not think so. A dedicated group of scientists at the ESA along with experts around the globe have joined forces to make it a reality by the year 2030.

According to a recent report on World Global News, the highly ambitious, futuristic plan of setting up the Moon Village is gaining worldwide popularity and support. Most spacefaring countries are coming forward and offering monetary and intellectual support for the mission. Johann-Dietrich Wörner, the Director General of ESA, revealed that the concept of setting up the Moon Village was extensively discussed in the recently held 32nd Space Symposium. International collaborations between NASA, ESA and other space agencies, along with other privately owned companies and public enterprises are already underway and people may soon be looking at the official launch of the Moon Village mission.

Presently, the mission is in its nascent stage. But according to Woerner, "It's a permanent concept. If you want to create a village on Earth you don't need a first day, you just say 'I do it'. And exactly this is what we are doing." He also added that many actors are interested in this mission and they want to participate in the Moon Village concept. Also, many companies and public entities are offering payloads to realize the dream of a permanent lunar human outpost.

Scientists at ESA are already engaged in development of safe, efficient and cost effective methods of human space transportation systems, which will be helpful in a series of space launch missions beyond the low-Earth orbit. According to a recently published research article in the Research-Technology Management journal, the 3-D printing technology may be used to build the lunar settlement infrastructure.

Experts speculate that setting up the Moon Village can replace the International Space Station for conducting space explorations. It will also augment the furtherance of study of the solar system and may help people achieve the dream of reaching Mars and beyond.

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