Ubisoft ‘Steep’: Season Pass Finally Rolled Out! Best Winter Sports Adventure Game So Far! DLC Details, Trailer, Gameplay & Features Revealed!

First Posted: Dec 02, 2016 05:00 AM EST

Ubisoft "Steep" Season Pass is finally available for purchase from the game's official website. The Winter Sports Adventure Game is probably the best amongst its type available in the market at present. Based on the mountains of the Alps and Alaska, the game lets the player have an epic experience of skis, wingsuit, snowboard, and paraglide in between the mountain cracks.

Ubisoft "Steep" Season Pass also has a multiplayer feature so you can choose to either ride solo or play side by side with other players from around the globe. The game also allows the player to record and share their stunts with their friends. If you are a fan of the epic 2007 movie "Steep", you'll surely love this Winter Sports Adventure Game. Here's everything we know about Ubisoft "Steep" Season Pass so far.

Ubisoft "Steep" Season Pass: GamePlay

The "Steep" Season Pass gives the player access three exclusive packs, each providing a totally new set of activities as well as character costumes. The Season Pass also offers bonus Helicopter Tickets, a unique snowman outfit, as well as 10,000 steep credits. The Steep Credits can be used for buying new in-game costumes and gears.

The game's Winter Fest Pack features the winter sled, testing players' skills with a totally new set of challenges. The Ubisoft Steep pack also offers unique and fun exclusive costumes. The Extreme Pack, on the other hand, also introduces base jumping, rocket wings, and speed gliding. This pack also includes a new set of exclusive costumes.

The third pack featured in the Steep Season Pass is the Adrenaline Pack. This pack includes 3 unique challenges for the night-time and new equipment packs to let the players show off their skills. You can record your stunts and also challenge your friends to try your custom lines.

Ubisoft "Steep" Season Pass: Features

The latest Winter Sports Adventure Game also has a multiplayer feature to let the players enjoy the game with their friends. The first among these is a play solo feature in which the player has to complete activities for each extreme sport. The time taken by each player is shared with their friends as a challenge to beat.

The another feature being offered in "Steep" Season Pass is side-by-side gameplay. Using this feature the Players can complete a task with three of their friends. The other mates are visible while the race is on, and players can even tackle them to win the race. As stated earlier the game also offers the players an option to create their own open world map, and challenge their friends to follow their custom made line. Players can also optimize their character's look with the wide range of clothes and gears being offered.

A number of new Outfits are unlocked as the player goes on completing challenges. "Steep" Season Pass  is available for purchase on the official site for just € 59,99 ($75.75 USD) for the standard version. The Gold Version, however, can be ordered for € 69,99 ($88.30 USD).

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