Aliens Made A Pyramid In Antarctica?

First Posted: Dec 02, 2016 03:08 AM EST

An unnamed mountain, located in the Heritage range of Ellsworth Mountains, is nowadays referred to as the pyramid in Antarctica. The exact coordinates of the mountain are 79°58'39.25"S and 81°57'32.21"W. The pyramidal mountain has attracted much attention of scientists and explorers in the recent times.

Many conspiracy theorists started proposing the role of aliens and extinct ancient civilizations in shaping the mountain peak in the form of a pyramid. Bizarre theories on the presence of hidden alien base in the Antarctic pyramid were published in Mail Online.

Also, as per a report published in the Live Science, experts have negated such conspiracy theories and are of the opinion that the present shape of the mountain is just a rare natural occurrence. According to Mauri Pelto, professor in Environmental Science, Nichols College, Dudley, Massachusetts, incessant freeze-thaw erosion over millions of years may sometimes lead to the splitting of large mountains into smaller variously shaped rocky structures.

In freeze-thaw erosion, water seeps into the cracks and crevices of large mountains during the day, and when night falls, the seeped in water freezes and expands. This puts a lot of pressure on the mountain structure and may sometimes break it apart. It is highly likely that the pyramidal mountain was also formed in the same way, but it is by sheer chance that this mountain took the shape of a four-faced pyramid.

Further geological analysis of the mountain revealed that the four sides of the mountain were eroded at the same rate. But the eastern ridge was slightly different because, instead of descending down, it rises to higher terrain in the eastern direction, Pelto said. He also questioned the conspiracy theories regarding the recent discovery of the pyramidal mountain. It can be easily seen from the research base in the Patriot Hills area and it is highly unlikely that no one actually saw it before, Pelto said.

As of now, there are no evidence of the association of aliens or some ancient culture with the pyramidal mountain in Antarctica. Geological experts agree that it is an outcome of a natural process of erosion and splitting.

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