Tobacco Companies Lost Legal Battle Against The Government

First Posted: Dec 01, 2016 03:58 AM EST

Tobacco companies lost the battle regarding the government's new plain packaging rules. Wednesday morning, the firms were defeated at the Court of Appeal. The tobacco companies have lost the battle over the new government rules on plain packaging for cigarettes.

All of the tobacco products produced in the U.K. have been required to have the dull green packaging since May. Also, it does not have the attractive logos or visual details at all. The Philip Morris International, British American Tobacco, Japan Tobacco International and Imperial Tobacco filed a lawsuit last year against Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt over the new rules.

The tobacco companies argued that the new regulations are "disproportionate" and violated a number of the EU and U.K. laws. Also, these include destroying valuable property rights. However, the giants of the tobacco industry were overturned the day before the branded packaging ban was implemented.

A judge in the High Court declared the regulations valid and lawful in all respects and ruled there were no grounds for compensation for tobacco firms. The tobacco industry giants then took their case to the Court of Appeals in London. However, three of the judges rejected their challenge against the High Court's decision, according to The Independent.

The appeal has been dismissed. Lord Justice Lewison, Sir Stephen Richards and Lord Justice Beaston ruled that the Health Secretary had "lawfully exercised his powers," according to The News Sky.

A transition of one year period is currently on its way for all of the old stock to be sold. But, from May of 2017, all of the tobacco products that will be produced will comply with the new rules.

Meanwhile, Ireland and France have already adopted this new rule. They already have decided to end the attractively branded cigarette packets, which were pioneered by Australia in 2012.

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