SpaceX And Elon Musk Were Featured In The Episode Of 'South Park'; Find Out Why

First Posted: Dec 01, 2016 03:17 AM EST

In a last week's episode of South Park, Cartman and his girlfriend Heidi visited the SpaceX headquarters and Elon Musk explained why humans will colonize the planet Mars.

The last week's episode that aired on Comedy Central last Wednesday (Nov. 16), Cartman shared that he and his girlfriend Heide gave up on social media and also "would like to be as far away from the internet as possible" -- as many would know that there is no Internet in Mars, according to

Cartman told the receptionist of SpaceX his concerns. However, he is enlightened to know that it will be a while before humans travel to the Red Planet or planet Mars.

Cartman was told to "take a number and join the others" and that is when SpaceX CEO and founder Elon Musk arrives to take him. Heidi and the rest of their fellow groups would be the Mars pioneers to tour the company's headquarters in Hawthorne, California.

Elon Musk then explained to the tour group what he knows everything about SpaceX and is working to eventually colonize the planet Mars. It includes the revealing of a (10 centimeters) pizza that, when heated, expands to feed 100 people, which Musk calls this amazing invention the "Pizza Pocket."

Also, Elon Musk showed them the tube-based transportation system, which is known as the Hyperloop and that is actually real or could be in the near future. However, Cartman just wants to see the Mars rocket. He said that "Excuse me, Mr. Musk, this is all super interesting and sh*t, but can we see the Mars rocket now?" In this case, Cartman speaks for us all.

After Elon Musk shows off the SapceX's Falcon 9 rockets, which are being able to launch into space and safely land back on the Earth for reuse, Elon Musk said the bad news. "We're still about 10 years away from going to Mars, maybe eight. Going to Mars is going to take a lot of very smart people, working very hard for a very long time."

Meanwhile, the voice behind Elon Musk's is the real Elon Musk, according to

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