‘Pokémon Sun And Moon’ Cheats, Tips, Tricks & Guide: Here's How To Increase Pokémon’s Happiness Level Faster; Max Out Friendship Gauges To Evolve Faster

First Posted: Dec 01, 2016 04:50 AM EST

Just like in the previous Pokemon games, "Pokémon Sun And Moon" also features increasing happiness level of the Pokémon. The action lets players be more attached to their Pokémon so that they can evolve. To help  "Pokémon Sun And Moon" gamers, a Redditor by the name of Leafeon111 has come up with a complex, but useful, technique that helps escalate Pokemon happiness level at a much faster rate. You can use the following "Pokémon Sun And Moon" cheats, tip, tricks guide to know how to reduce Pokémon's evolution period.

"Pokémon Sun And Moon" Cheats, Tips, Tricks Guide To Increase Pokemon Happiness Level Efficiently-

  • Select a Pokémon that uses happiness to evolve. You can choose Pokémon such as Pichu, Eevee, Munchlax or any other pocket monster that follows this method for evolving.
  • Find 2 TM items that your selected Pokémon can learn.
  • Make your Pokémon learn any of the two chosen TMs to fill up one move slot.
  • Now replace the first TM that you made your character learn with the other one.
  • Keep rinsing and repeating the action till your Pokémon's happiness level rises up completely.
  • Now, level up your Pokémon and see it evolve.

How Does The Technique Work Out?

How does "Pokémon Sun And Moon" cheats, tips, tricks guide for increasing happiness quickly works? Well the method is based on the increase in happiness whenever a Pokémon learns a new TM move. And, as you already know that TM items do not expire, these can be used again and again to fill up the friendship levels.

What do you think of this "Pokémon Sun And Moon" cheats, tips, tricks guide to improve evolving time and increasing happiness. Would you try it out to improve your gameplay or would you rather choose the normal way to keep the things slow and simple? "Pokémon Sun And Moon" is available online at Amazon. 

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