Microsoft Project Scorpio Release Date, Price, Latest News: Due In 2017, Here's How Much Is It Going To Cost You

First Posted: Dec 01, 2016 04:30 AM EST

The most superior Microsoft Project Scorpio console, as it has been made out to be, is expected to come with a $499 price-tag. It was only a while back that Microsoft first announced that it was bringing another console to the table. The reveal was dubbed as Microsoft Project Scorpio and it came after the company's announcements of PS4 Pro and XBox One S. The console is claimed by the company to be the "most powerful console ever built".

 Microsoft Project Scorpio Release Date, Price, Latest News-

It is a new console in the XBox One family with full fledged virtual reality functionality. There has been a lot of hum drum in the market ever since the console was first announced. It boasts of 6 teraflops of GPU power and can run video games at 4k. The bandwith is set at 320 GB per second with 8 CPU cores. It is a big upgrade over all its predecessors like Xbox One S and PlayStation 4 Pro. For this reason, tech experts believe it is not going to be easy on your pockets.

Phil Spencer, who is currently heading the Xbox team, specified that Microsoft Project Scorpoio is not going to be super cheap. The console is going to be a high end model for premium gamers. With this target audience, this console does not pose a threat to its predecessors.

Reports are that the launch price of Microsoft Project Scorpio could be around $499. The console is expected to launch in late 2017. The power promised by this latest gaming system will not come easy or cheap.

Since there is an entire year between its first announcement and actual release, Microsoft could probably work on the expected price tag. However, future owners and users should still look out for a slightly expensive price bracket.

Do you think the price is going to affect the future sales of this mega console? That is highly unlikely. The price tag comes with a concrete promise of brilliant performance. The announced specifications assure the gamers about the superior gaming experience. 

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