Preventing Hypertension, Diabetes In Mid-Life Can Significantly Lower Risk Of Heart Failure

First Posted: Nov 30, 2016 02:48 AM EST

A study has recently revealed that preventing the development of hypertension, obesity and diabetes during mid-life, between the ages 45 and 55 years old, can give people an 86 percent decreased the risk of heart failure throughout the remainder of their life.

According to reports, there have already been millions of people around the world who suffer from heart failure as well as face a significantly low quality of life and increased mortality rate. The study, published in the journal JACC, found that hypertension, obesity and diabetes that are known to be major risk factors as well as highly prevalent in individuals are preventable risk factors for heart failure.

Furthermore, people suffering from diabetes were found to have a specifically strong connection with shorter heart failure-free survival, while those without diabetes lived an average between 8.6 and 10.6 years longer without heart failure, reported Kathmandu Post.

It was also found in the study that men at age 45 without having any of the three risk factors lived an average of 10.6 years longer free of heart failure, while women at the same age without any of the three factors lived an average of 14.9 years longer without suffering from heart failure.

According to Indian Express, John T. Wilkins at the Northwestern University at Evanston, Illinois, in the United States said that, "The study adds to the understanding of how individual and aggregate risk factor levels, specifically in middle age, affect incident heart failure risk over the remaining lifespan."

Meanwhile, researchers noted that prevention of hypertension, obesity and diabetes by ages 45 and 55 years may substantially prolong heart failure-free survival, decrease heart failure-related morbidity and reduce the public health impact of heart failure.

This only goes to show that prevention of certain health condition can promote longevity of life and at the same time live a good quality of life.

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