AT&T's DirecTV Now Goes Live: $35 Per Month For 120+ Channels, No DVR Functions; Is It Violating Net Neutrality Rules?

First Posted: Nov 30, 2016 05:40 AM EST

AT&T's DirecTV Now has been launched at a media event in New York, this Monday. Off late, several streaming services are gaining popularity and AT&T's DirecTV is a new entrant that is headed to change the rules of the game. Over past few months, there has been a lot of speculation about the launch of streaming service by AT&T.

The AT&T DirecTV Now internet TV streaming service offers 100 channels at a promotional plan of $35 per month. Although these rates are just promotional rates, it is likely to create a lot of problems for its competitors. Companies such as Sony PlayStation Vue, Dish's Sling TV, and upcoming services from YouTube will be affected the most.

Notably, AT&T's DirecTV Now will cost $30 for 60 channels and up to $70 for the top-end plan after the end of its promotional period. The top-end plan will allow users to stream 120 channels, as reported by Fortune. There is also a seven-day free trial period for the customers who would like to try the service before making a purchase. The best AT&T's DirecTV Now offer is for a three-month up-front payment plan. In this offer, buyers will get a free Apple TV set top box.

AT&T has tie-ups with most networks and users will be able to stream all major networks except Showtime and CBS. The DirecTV lacks the pause and play functions, which are expected to be incorporated by next year, as reported by USA Today. But it seems AT&T's DirecTV Now is in violation of net neutrality. AT&T has announced that customers who sign up for their DirecTV services can watch unlimited videos on their mobile phones without counting it against their data allowance.

Federal regulators had already sent a notice to AT&T advising them to not violate the net neutrality rules. A good news for AT&T is that Trump administration has already called for abolishing the net neutrality rules. It looks like AT&T's DirecTV Now is here to stay and will continue to violate the net neutrality.

What are your views on such blatant schemes by such corporations? Let us know in comment section below.

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