Wildlife Fights: Lioness Rips Lion's Fang Off, Loses Fight To A Giraffe

First Posted: Nov 29, 2016 05:49 AM EST

A fierce lioness was captured showing the king of the jungle not to mess with her and her cubs at all.

Mirror UK reports that a lioness was able to rip a lion's fang almost off his mouth in an intense fight captured in South Africa's Kruger National Park. The maned creature was photographed in despair, with one of his sharp fangs hanging by a thread for trying to go near one of the lioness' cubs.

According to farm manager Corlette Wessels, who witnessed the jawbreaking combat on her Johannesburg visit, two male lions were just marking their territories near a pride before a fight "came out of nowhere." One of them then approached a group, triggering an innocent cub to go see him.

As the cub went near the dangerous intruder, the oldest female of the pride began to growl.

"The male growled back, then she slapped him and the other females joined in," Wessels recalled.

"I can't tell you the intensity of their voices and growls, and the pure force of their forelegs lashing out," she added.

Guess any male lion, no matter how strong, could not defeat an established team of ferocious lionesses.

That does not mean the queen of the jungle never loses, though. Just because other animals are running away from lions does not mean that the others cannot put up a great fight.

CNET reported that in the most recent episode of BBC's wildlife documentary, "Planet Earth II," another lioness was caught losing her crown to a giraffe in short video.

In the beginning of the clip, the predator was found taking a leap attempting to grab an approaching giraffe by her claws. Unfortunately, the carnivore failed her attempt as the long-necked creature continued its winning run.

The video ended with a violent tap dance performed by the giraffe on top of the lioness' face before it was able to escape.

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