This Is What Happens At Amazon On A Cyber Monday: 629 Orders Per Second, WareHouse As Big As 28 Football Fields!

First Posted: Nov 29, 2016 05:00 AM EST

CyberMonday is almost done and most shoppers have had their hands on most anticipated deals. Amazon is the king when it comes Cyber Monday deals and it is merely catching up for most other retailers. This year has stumped its competitors with a two-month long shopping bonanza. However, the best deals were offered on Cyber Monday and Black Friday.

In an interview with Fortune, Amazon's senior vice president for North American retail, Doug Herrington, threw some light on the smashing sales on Black Friday and Thanksgiving. It is anticipated that Amazon generated 36 percent of all online sales during the Cyber Monday 2015. Last year holiday shoppers bought record 629 items per second and a total of 54 million items worldwide on, as reported by Fortune.

Cyber Monday 2016 is speculated to hit a $3.36 billion which is a growth of 9 percent over last year. With new deals and offers, Amazon is hoping to break several records with this year's best Amazon cyber Monday deals.

Amazon's Cyber Monday deals achieve another great feat with its logistical capabilities. Amazon has massive warehouses across the country. The New Jersey fulfillment center is of the size of 28 football fields and employs over 4,000 employees working at lightning speed. Another of Amazon's biggest warehouse is in Tracy, California. This one is a 1.1 million-square-foot warehouse, with thousands of workers packing the Cyber Monday orders, as reported by Bizjournals.

The success of Amazon Cyber Monday deals is partly due to the massive logistics operations. Amazon warehouses are equipped with conveyor belts, chutes and heavy machinery, which are controlled by Amazon's exclusive software. For the Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals, Amazon had hired thousands of seasonal workers to cope with the massive demands. 

"When the work comes from the picking department, my job is to pack it and get it prepared for shipping," said Marilyn Rochelle, an Amazon packer.

Amazon has fined tuned the human working similar to the entire automated processes. Several of such Amazon workers works 24*7 to ensure shoppers receive their products during the holiday season.

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