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Does God Have An Alien Influence? Vision Of An Artist From 1600 Might Shed Light (Video)

First Posted: Nov 29, 2016 03:40 AM EST

As the origin of the universe is still scientifically unknown, more theories are showing up. Thus, radical thinkers are linking God with UFO.

In a report by the Daily Star, the UFO hunters claimed that an artist from the 1600s had experienced a vision of God and Jesus posing with a metal device that resembles a spacecraft.

Also, other theories popped up that intelligent life has been manipulating the humans for such a long time. Therefore, it sheds light on the link between God and the aliens.

It has been previously reported that an astrophysicist from the Columbia University said that the ancient non-human life-form transformed into the physical world and are responsible for the driving force behind the boggling quantum physics and the dark matter-like phenomenon.

Also, the scientist claims that the universe is the debris of the intelligent alien life that controls all of the aspects of the physical world. It covers from the gravity up to the speed of light.

Professor Caleb Scharf says that the new theory could help explain one of the greatest mysteries of the cosmos. It could also answer why the scientists have a hard time finding the intelligent life beyond the planet Earth.

The radical thinker wrote in the article for science journal Nautilus, stating that alien life could continue the behavior in the subatomic particles and the universe's expansion.

On the other hand, a YouTube channel -- Strange Mysteries -- revealed the biblical revelation. In the video, they claimed that the image just looks a little bit uncanny for symbolic reference. In addition, it is said that "What exactly was the vision the artist saw when he painted this work of art? What inspired him? This is truly odd," according to Report.UK.

As follows, Scott C Waring also measured the discovery in the painting. He said that "The artist must have had some mental visions given to him from an alien. Aliens can and have mentally manipulated humans since the beginning of our existence."

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