Google Pixel Smartphone Users Report Unusual Visual Bugs In iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Screenshots

First Posted: Nov 29, 2016 04:10 AM EST

Google Pixel smartphone users are experiencing extremely bizarre distortions in the screenshots sent from iPhone 7 Plus. As first reported by Android Police, some users are complaining about strange linings and visuals in the screenshots received from iPhone 7 Plus specifically. 

Google released its much-awaited product Pixel only a while back. Apple also launched its flagship product, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in September. While there is fierce competition between the two brands and operating systems, the tech world promotes cross compatibility. Users of different platforms do not face many difficulties today as they did earlier. Cross compatibility issues are problems of the past. 

Simple activities such as sending texts or browsing mobile internet are carried out with relative ease while juggling platforms. However, things might not be so stable in the Android and iOS sphere currently. Pixel users are facing this odd issue while receiving screenshots from the latest iPhone model. 

Several Pixel customers are trying to find solutions for this visual problem on online forums. The bug seems to be extremely specific in nature. This image warp only happens when a screenshot is received from an iPhone 7 Plus on text or MMS. Even Google Hangouts exchanges are facing this peculiar anomaly. Moreover, the distortion only occurs when the screenshot is taken while an iPhone app is in use. Homescreen shots are not displaying this dimension warping. What is even more interesting is that this phenomenon doesn't happen when images are sent from Pixel to iPhone. 

Tech experts presume it to be an error in Android's image processing method itself. However, no official reason has been pinpointed yet. Multiple users have informed the Google support staff about the issue. However, Google is yet to clarify and sort this technical bug. In the meanwhile, users are getting amused by the extent of the bug's mischief.

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