What Is A 'FogBow'? Does It Bring Harm?

First Posted: Nov 28, 2016 03:30 AM EST

Nature is proven mysterious. People do not know what amazing things it may bring in the ongoing days. Thus, one photographer has captured a rare "fogbow" over the snow-layered Scottish moors.

Up in the Scottish mountains, Melvin Nicholson captured a rare image nothing like he has ever seen. The image was taken on Rannoch Moor. It shows a rare fogbow stretching across the field. The strange photograph appears to be a white rainbow stretching over a field covered with snow.

Mr. Nicholson said, "I have never seen a fogbow before and understand that it is very rare.It was an amazing thing to witness and can generally only be seen if the sun is behind you when you are looking at it. As soon as I saw this wonderful isolated windswept tree, I knew that it had to be framed by the fog bow. Freshly fallen snow set the scene all around."

Fogbow is also known as cloud bows, white rainbows or ghost of a rainbow. They are formed the same way how rainbows are formed. It occurs when the light is reflected inside tiny water droplets and appear to form an arc or large circle. It is centered on the antisolar point at more or less 42 degree Celsius opposite to the Sun, according to a report by The Sun.

As follows, people should not be in a panic as fogbow does not bring harm to nature and humans. It is just one of nature's rare beauties. Thus, Mr. Nicholson added that "It was just beyond magical and one of those days that you'll remember for a long time to come," as noted by Mail Online.

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