What Is A Starseed: 22-Year-Old Australian Claims She Has Alien DNA

First Posted: Nov 25, 2016 02:34 AM EST

A 22-year-old Melbourne-native claims that she has alien DNA.

Mail Online reported that Lea Kapiteli has been experiencing strange encounters and presences since she was a child. She felt that she was different from other kids growing up but eventually dismissed the thought as a part of her childhood phase.

It was until she was 13, however, when she was visited by an extraterrestrial presence named Mezreth, which made her discover her origin. The presence explained to her that what she has been feeling was real all along.

"'Those years you keep trying to forget, those experiences, they were real Lea,'" Mezreth told her.

Kapiteli told Daily Mail Australia that although the encounter was strange, it did not fail to convince her that everything made actual sense. Mezreth explained to her how she was born and recalled how her mother's eggs were infused with extraterrestrial DNA during her sleep.

Since that mysterious visit, Kapiteli said that Mezreth continued visiting her to further explain her heritage -- that she is a Starseed and that she has the ability to astral travel.

"A Starseed is someone with mixed origin," Kapiteli explained. "It's someone who is human, and who was born on earth, but who doesn't have wholly human origins."

She added that she has enjoyed traveling to different worlds through an out-of-body experience that requires a lot of concentration and meditation.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Kapiteli, who believes that her purpose as a Starseed is to witness on Earth, first came out publicly in April during a conference initiated by UFO Research NSW.

"I feel this is a very important topic to talk about. Very few people are exploring it," she said during her talk, pointing out that she is not the only one who experiences this strange happening. "There are people all around the planet who are having these encounters and not enough people are saying what is really going on."

Kapiteli said that her mother finally believed her after doing some research and her boyfriend has been supportive of her as well.

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