Did God Create Other Planets For Aliens? Astrophycisist Explains Scientific Evidence

First Posted: Nov 25, 2016 04:00 AM EST

Could life exist outside the Earth? A new book written by a Christian astrophysicist tackles the question of life's possible existence in another planet.

Christian Post reported that in his new book, Improbable Planet: How Earth Became Humanity's Home, Dr. Hugh Ross, Ph.D., from the University of Toronto, listed all the factors required for a planet to be habitable.

After a three-year research on scientific literature and a year-long biblical study on creation, Dr. Ross, who is also a pastor with a Master of Divinity, collected both scientific and theological truths in a book that gives explanation to the mystery of aliens and the humans' reason of existence.

While other scientists believe that only the existence of a water habitable zone could make a planet livable, Dr. Ross pointed out that in order for a planet to be sufficient for living, it must have all of these nine habitable zones -- such as liquid water, tidal, photosynthetic, ultraviolet, ozone, obliquity, rotation rate, astrosphere and atmospheric electric fields. He added that only our planet Earth holds all of these habitable factors.

In a question on the importance of discovering other living creatures in other planets among scientists, Dr. Ross explained to Christian Post in an e-mail that one of the apparent reasons is their non-theistic views that motivate their never-ending search for evidence.

"For scientists holding a non-theistic worldview the discovery of life on many planets outside our solar system would be taken as evidence to support their claim that a natural, relatively straightforward pathway, independent of any external Intelligent Design, exists to explain life's origin," he wrote.

Another reason, according to Dr. Ross, is that "the search for extraterrestrial life is important for many scientists is that they are all too aware that the window of time for the existence of advanced life on Earth is rapidly coming to a close. They are convinced that the only hope for humanity is to find another planet in another planetary system that we humans can colonize."

On the reason of life's existence, Dr. Ross explained that the Creator, who has always intended to redeem humans ever since their recorded fall in the Book of Genesis, made all creation for His own purpose -- which is to serve each of their roles in making His redemption possible for all.

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