War On Climate Change: Washington Faces Lawsuit Against Children's Rights

First Posted: Nov 24, 2016 04:30 AM EST

The real victims of climate change are the next generation. As the Earth continues to deplete, today's youth is starting to move. Eight kids are reportedly suing the government for the less effort coming from the state in fighting climate change.

Eight children asked the judge last Tuesday to find Washington in contempt for the failure of protecting the future generations from the devastating and harmful effects of climate change. The petitioners asked the judge to address the Department of Ecology of the state to come up with science-based numeric emission reductions, according to ABC News.

The state arguments are that they have already complied with the court's prior order and the accusation has no basis for finding the Department of Ecology in contempt. Judge Hollis Hill from the King County Superior Court said that she needed more time to deliberate after seeing the arguments last Tuesday.

The kids with the age ranging between 12 and 16 years old are part of the national effort that is led by the Oregon-based non-profit organization called Our Children's Trust. It forces the federal government and the states to give action on the effects of climate change.

A plaintiff in both the federal and Seattle Aji Piper said that "The most concerning thing to me is that our planet will be destroyed and I would have done nothing about it. We're bringing this case because we need to have a stronger voice and right now that's through the legal system."

Andrea Rodgers, the attorney of the children, told the judge on Tuesday that, "Ecology has the legal authority and responsibility to remedy the ongoing legal violations of these young people's fundamental rights."

As follows, Rodgers added that the lawsuit is not about the clean air rule. It is more of the duties of the state in the statute and in the constitution. Thus, these include especially the protection of rights of the young people from the dangers of the climate change, according to Fox News.

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