Does Mankind Have To Colonize Mars? Interview Explains (Video)

First Posted: Nov 22, 2016 04:10 AM EST

Reports on how humans destroy the planet Earth is quite spreading. The same with the statements by Stephen Hawkings that humans have a limited time left for them to transfer to a different planet. But, an expert explains what planet is more likely to be colonized by human beings.

Granted, people are already destroying the planet Earth. Though some are formulating strategies on how to fix the problem such as technology and science, eventually, the report claims that a meteor will hit the Earth and gist celestial mosh pit. Unfortunately, it is a way of the cosmos, according to PCMag.

However, if the human species manage to survive, people have to colonize other planets. The scientists have already spent decades in preparing the colonization of other planets as they found that is an existential problem.

As experts are looking for another planet for humans to inhibit, they have found that Venus would be the closest. But, the humans cannot survive the massive hotness of the temperature. On the other hand, the planet Mars, which scientists' claims are somehow far away, but doable, it has a workable temperature and it has a large reserve of water, which plays the key role human survival.

In line with this, PCMag had an interview with the author of How We'll Live on Mars Stephen Petranek, and one of the experts interviewed for the NGC series about how the first humans will arrive, survive and eventually terraform the Red Planet. The report claims that the discussion will turn you into a believer about the prospects of mankind in the solar system.

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