Killer Robot: Russian Military Unveils Terminator-Style Robots That Seek And Shoot Humans

First Posted: Nov 18, 2016 05:05 AM EST

Killer robots programmed to seek and murder humans will no longer be a futurist's worst nightmare about a dystopian near-future. Not because humanity has finally figured out that not using technology to murder one another could somehow benefit it but because it is a reality even today. And the worrying (or exciting, depending on one's threat perceptions) part is that Russia has already developed two of such robots to deploy on its borders.

According to Mirror, these Russian robots are designed to track and attack humans from more than 4 miles away. The shooting range is even higher -- more than 6 miles to be specific -- for ground vehicles or low-flying drones. Equipped with cutting-edge radar technology, multiple long-range grenade launchers and HD & thermal video imaging, they can neutralize any ground or aerial threat well before it enters the Russian territory.

The robot-pair will operate together to guard Russia's borders that have allegedly witnessed a lot of aerial surveillance by rival powers of late.

Meanwhile, Russian engineers are claiming that the new robots can also be used to pick out targets for long-range explosive weaponry. However, the new system will initially be only used for general surveillance.

The robots will have the technology to not only monitor the exact locations of an incoming drone but also find details such as its point of origin, as well as the arc of its movement through the sky.

"In its structure there is a radar unit that detects a target: humans to about 7km distance, a car up to 10km," chief project engineer Dmitry Perminov told Russian news media, Mail Online reports.

Perminov added that the device is regularly being refined and upgraded in the hope that it will one day be able to operate at optimum capacity without requiring any human intervention whatsoever.

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