Three Australian Books Made A Remarkable Impact Around The World

First Posted: Nov 12, 2016 03:20 AM EST

Three Australian authors who wrote three compelling books made a remarkable impact all around the world between 1970 and 1975. The deep thoughts and ideas convey a strong message for all humans around the globe.

ABC shares the following three books that are absorbing and fascinating:

This book is written by Australian philosopher Peter Singer in 1975. The book speaks about kindness to other living creatures that include animals. It also contradicts the term "speciesism," which is a discrimination that a being belongs to a certain species.

The author theorizes that beings can suffer to be worthy of equal consideration. With this, giving less consideration to beings is a discrimination based on skin color. He also argues that animal rights should be founded on their ability to feel pain over their intelligence.

The author's central argument falls into a utilitarian idea: "The greatest good is the only measure of good or ethical behavior." He conveys that there is no reason not to apply this idea to animals. Peter Singer is now a professor of philosophy at Princeton University in the United States.

  •  The Female Eunuch

The Female Eunuch is a book by Germaine Greer. This book became an international bestseller and was printed in London in October 1970. Its key text is a feminist movement in the 1970s. The book is divided into sections titled Body, Love, Soul and Hate. The author analyzes the historic definitions of women's view of self.

  •  Homosexual: Oppression and Liberation

Homosexual: Oppression and Liberation is the first book of Dennis Patkin Altman published in 1971. The author is an Australian academic and pioneering gay rights activist.

The book focuses on gay liberation movements in the English-speaking world. Some of his constructions include "the polymorphous whole" and "the end of the homosexual." In this the potential for both heterosexual and homosexual behavior becomes a prevalent cultural and psychological phenomenon.


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