Canada Will Heighten Its Health Care Service, Adds Palliative Care

First Posted: Nov 10, 2016 04:50 AM EST

Canada conducted a national survey and found that the country lacks palliative care in its medical benefits. Support for the Canadians during their final days is being asked.

Veteran journalist Don Newman led the panel and called for a better-integrated approach to home care services. It would allow Canadians to get support during their final days. The national survey that involves 1,500 Canadians reached the experts and meet with them for three days. The lay panel has given out Consensus Statement, calling for palliative care to be added to the Canada Health Act. It should be guaranteed to all Canadians.

Palliative Care Matters Consensus Development Conference was led by 13 of Canada's leading national health organizations and Covenant Health Palliative Institute that happened on Nov. 7 to Nov. 9, 2016 in Ottawa. Scientific evidence was heard by 12 Canadian academic expert panels and made various suggestions in their Consensus Statement on how to improve Canada's palliative care, according to Edmonton Journal.

This summer, an Ipsos survey was conducted. It revealed that 90 percent of the correspondents, the Canadians choose to receive care in their home and to eventually die there. Meanwhile, 86 percent of the correspondents said that the public health system should shoulder the costs of palliative care so that everybody can access if they would need it.

Co-Chair, Senior Operating Officer at Covenant Health Karen Macmillan said that "We have been so inspired by the participation of people across the country in this initiative. Through this conference, we have been able to enrich this lived experience with the work of thought leaders to create a shared vision for the future of palliative care. We hope that health providers and policy makers to reflect thoughtfully on the consensus that was reached here."

In addition, Fred Horne, Conference Co-Chair and former Alberta health minister and health policy consultant, added that "Governments across Canada are talking about palliative care as part of the Health Accord. This is a once in a generation opportunity to make a difference in palliative care and the Lay Panel's recommendations should be part of the change Canadians want and deserve," according to CNW.

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