Nutella Wonders: How Does Serving Size Affect One's Consumption Of The Popular Spread?

First Posted: Nov 05, 2016 04:06 AM EDT

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers doing something that may affect Nutella lovers' consumption of the popular chocolate-hazelnut spread. It might change the recommended serving size on its jars. Alongside this, it wants to know how consumers eat the spread: on bread or crackers, on cupcakes, or straight from the jar?

According to CNN, the current recommended serving size is two tablespoons or 37 grams. This amount is equal to 200 calories. Ferrero, the maker of Nutella, thinks a smaller serving amount, which also means fewer calories, might make consumers more likely to buy a jar. For the past couple of years, the company has been petitioning FDA to do the changing.

The most recent petition says that Ferrero's latest promotion and advertising advocate consumption of a balanced breakfast including Nutella as complementary spread that adds on to nutrient-rich fruits, dairy products, and whole grain breads. Also, it includes a survey among consumers saying that people no longer use Nutella to fill cupcakes, make ice cream, and in other desserts. The survey included 722 women with children aged three to 12.

Ferrero says in 1991, only eight percent of people slathered chocolate on bread; but at present, 60 percent enjoy the spread on toast. 14 percent eat it as a sandwich filling while 13 percent prefer to enjoy it with fruit or crackers. It is important to take note, however, that thousands of photos with hashtag #NutellaCupcake are shared on social media.

Meanwhile, ABC reported that Nutella is currently categorized as a dessert topping with two tablespoons as the recommended serving size. Ferrero wants FDA to reclassify it into the same category as honey and jam with serving amount of one tablespoon. According to the company, the current serving size of Nutella makes it hard for consumers to make fair comparisons between its product and other spreads.

As of writing, reports say the FDA may consider Ferrero's claims if the American people agree. For this, it asks consumers to send comments regarding their consumption of Nutella and other spreads. According to the FDA, it wants to consider the requests made over the years.

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