Taking Risks: 33% Of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Users In Europe Are Yet To Return Their Phones

First Posted: Oct 27, 2016 04:50 AM EDT

In the midst of widespread and well documented reports of phone explosion and fire and a worldwide recall of products, 33% of the owners of the controversial Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in Europe are yet to return their smartphones. In order to secure the safety of its users, Samsung will launch a new software update for the now defunct model - Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for its customers in Europe on October 31.

This update is another attempt of the company to convince Samsung Galaxy Note 7 users in Europe to return their smartphones. The new update is expected to limit the battery charge to 60 percent of its full capacity. The update comes in the midst of worldwide product recall after the phone encountered problems with its lithium-ion battery that makes the unit prone to catch fire. Almost two thirds of all the Note 7 in Europe has been returned but some has opted to keep their phones with them.

In a press release Samsung stated that "The update is the latest measure taken by the company to reduce customer risk and simultaneously drive all remaining Galaxy Note 7 customers in Europe to replace their device immediately".

In an effort to lessen and or eliminate incidents involving the Samsung device the company also launched a similar update last September 13 to alleviate the situation and secure safety for their users. The tech giant hopes that this update will convince the remaining users to return or exchange their devices. The company is offering all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 users to either exchange for another Samsung phone and or have a full refund.

Meanwhile, the smartphone maker also launched an upgrade program for its Note 7 users in South Korea. The upgrade allows the users to trade in their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for a Galaxy S7. Users who avail the program can upgrade their phones to either a Galaxy S8 or a Note 8 next year.  Those who chose to enrol in the said program can avail either model of the Galaxy S8 for half the original price instead of the full retail price. 

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