Vapes, E-Cigarettes Can Fight Obesity Lead By Quitting Tobacco

First Posted: Oct 26, 2016 04:38 AM EDT

Can e-cigarettes really fight obesity? Researchers say so, as they found that the device could suppress appetite and limit weight gain.

According to Reuters, Britain and New Zealand scientists discovered that the nicotine in cigarettes prevent smokers from overeating. For this reason, they suggested that electronic cigarettes could help smokers to not eat too much when they quit.  The devices contain nicotine but not tobacco.

Apart from leading to fatal illnesses, smoking tobacco can suppress one's appetite. This is the reason why numerous smokers say they smoke because it helps them keep their body weight in check. As for people who quit tobacco, they often say they gain weight after giving up. Consequently, the possibility of getting fatter prevents smokers from stopping.

Stirling University health policy professor Linda Bauld said there is a need to explore alternative ways to help smokers remove the risks of tobacco and control their weight at the same time. It could be the e-cigarettes or vapes, for they are at lower risk compared to tobacco.

Furthermore, Bauld said that vaping has only around five percent of the risk of smoking and its benefits outweigh the harms. However, she emphasized that no evidence have been found that would promote vaping to non-smokers who want to lose weight or stay slim. Bauld is also the UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies deputy director.

Meanwhile, The Sun reported that the flavors used in vapes, like milk chocolate, mimic the effects of eating. This is another way in which the devices suppress the appetite and could aid in weight loss. Its hand-to-mouth action could likewise help. With everything above being said, it can be likewise safe to say that e-cigarettes really fight obesity and consequently prevent illnesses associated to it. The journal Nicotine & Tobacco Research published the review containing theses findings.

However, it is also important to take note of some adverse effects of vaping. Heart experts expressed fear of vapes damaging blood vessels as much as tobacco does. Experiments also showed that some chemical contained by vapes may trigger tumor growth.

Can e-cigarettes really fight obesity? Researchers say yes, but more studies are needed to determine the devices' concrete effects on one's health.

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