The Dangers of Pepper Spray, Six-year-old Maced in Laundromat (VIDEO)

First Posted: Feb 20, 2013 12:17 PM EST

Your dad may tell you to add mace to your key chain when you're walking through the bad part of town. However, pepper spray, though often used as a tool of self defense, can have dangerous and even deadly side effects-not to mention traumatizing-especially for a six-year-old girl who was maced in a Laundromat on Saturday in New York City.

Pepper spray has been known to cause reduced breathing due to swelling in the lining of the throat, skin irritations, including chemical burns, blisters and sores, severe eye irritation that can result in tearing and redness, and temporary blindness or even death, according to reports.

And this can certainly be seen in a survelliance video the NYPD released of the attack occurring. The alleged attacker takes out a bottle of mace and sprays a man and his terrified daughter, according to KpopStarz.

Eyewitnesses have stated that the suspect burst into a Bronx coin laundry shop and began to "pummel" father Derrick Dunn before using the mace spray. The event sparked a citywide manhunt for the attacker.

According to the New York Daily News, "Investigators believe Dunn and Gonzalez's girlfriend had previously gotten into an argument over the use of a laundry cart, and Gonzalez had come to settle the score, the sources said ... The video shows the suspect gave Dunn a clobbering, holding him down with one hand and landing a series of haymakers with the other. Then the suspect can be seen readying a bottle of mace for use before unleashing it on the 47-year-old father and his little girl."

According to the New York Police Department, the alleged attacker surrendered after the circulation of the surveillance video clip, and was charged with assault.

Want to see the video of the actual event. Check out this, courtesy of Vimeo.

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