Medical Marijuana Update: Good Side Of Marijuana; Experts Investigate

First Posted: Oct 22, 2016 06:10 AM EDT

As November 8 is nearing, Arkansas, Florida, and North Dakota will be voting on medical marijuana ballot initiatives, as for Montana they ill vote for repealing limitations because the law has already existed. The arguments regarding the medical marijuana are endless. Two researchers studied the effects and might change other peoples' minds as they shed light the good side of marijuana.

The researchers focus on just one cannabinoid at a time. Only two plant-based cannabinoids, which is the THC and cannabidiol have been studied thoroughly. The experts emphasize that cannabis is labeled as "dirty drugs" because some people does not know the medical benefits.

The goal of the study is to reveal treatments that can use the body's own cannabinoids to ease conditions such as epilepsy and chronic pain. As our bodies can also produce cannabinoids known as endocannabinoids, the experts are inventing new drugs to alter its function and to understand better how cannabinoid receptor works, according to Daily Mail.

Many people reported that the medical marijuana can ease their chronic pain caused by nerve injury. It can respond to smoked or vaporized cannabis as  well as the FDA-approved THC drug. The only problem with these is that the subject is self-reported pain ratings which just a limitation. The effect of cannabis on chronic pain as low clinical trials has been run.

As for epilepsy, evidence of the treatment is much less clear. There are many anecdotes and surveys that reported the cannabis flowers or extracts are helping treat epilepsy. The same with chronic pain, no further clinical testing has been done, according to Medical Xpress.

Meanwhile, researchers added that conducting the study regarding marijuana can be a challenge. Because their sources are coming from people's personal experience and memories. The researchers said that if that is the case the reports can be biased. As for the people treating their disease with medical marijuana, and having an improvement they could be a proof how cannabis works.

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