'Plants vs. Zombies Heroes': Complete Review, Release Date And Gameplay; ‘Garden Warfare’ Meets 'Hearthstone' Now Available Worldwide?

First Posted: Oct 19, 2016 06:03 AM EDT

Electronic Arts, had earlier in March announced the addition of a new game to their tower-defense Plants vs. Zombies franchise, "Plants Vs Zombies Heroes." The game has now finally been released all over the globe with improvements and new enhancements for a better experience.

"Plants Vs Zombies Heroes" is now available for free with additional in-game purchases in the typical EA fashion. Here's ecerything we know about the Game so far:

Complete Review:

At first glance, PvZ Heroes looks like Blizzard's quite popular card game 'Hearthstone'. The new game offers a total of 20 plants as well as zombie heroes with over all 200 collectible character cards. The game does feature the lawn of a new battle.


The player is provided with a deck of cards. Each card costs an already set amount of points for playing. The first round starts with one point, second with two, and the game goes on. The main aim of the game is to bring down the enemy's hero. The gameplay is basically the same as that of the 'Hearthstone'. There are also a lot of differences in the "Plants Vs Zombies Heroes."

The game is played out in a total of five lanes. Three are on the ground, on the right is an aquatic lane and on the left, a rooftop lane. Some cards give bonuses to the players depending on the places they are put. The bonuses include special powers or gaining buffs if they're either dropped in water or placed up on the roof. Cards can be used as a team if they have any special ability granting special bonuses.

Although some of the weaker cards have no attack value, they grant healing power so they're worth to guard. The player can choose to play either as Plants or Zombies with unlockable heroes on each side.

What else is New?

Zombies and Plants do not play the same way in the new "Plants Vs Zombies Heroes." Zombies are the ones who start, always. They have special "trick" cards, they can use after the plants have made their move. This adds a nice asymmetry and new feel to the gameplay.

"Plants Vs Zombies Heroes" also features lots of single-player content, but if you like you can also compete online. The player gets to earn gems and a secondary currency that can be used for purchasing regular and premium card packs. The brilliant music, animations, all the new sound effects and the cartoony graphics, all add up to make an amazing GamePlay experience.

"Plants Vs Zombies Heroes" is available for free on both Android and iOS Platforms. The game was released yesterday and does feature in-app purchases. It is really a top-class card game made for single-player and multiplayer gameplay alike.

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