Microsoft Windows 10 Refresh Tool: Here's How To Use Refresh Windows Tool

First Posted: Oct 19, 2016 05:55 AM EDT

The Windows 10 anniversary update by Microsoft offers its user a better way to get rid of the bloatware. Using the Microsoft Windows 10 Refresh Tool feature is as easy as it can get. Experts are wondering how has Microsoft developed such a user-friendly software.

Microsoft has recently introduced refresh windows tool, this new tool practically eliminates all the applications that are alien to Windows 10 or are not linked to Windows 10. This happens by installing a new copy of the operating system.

How To Use Microsoft Windows 10 Refresh Tool

Though Refresh Windows Tool is much needed and useful tool, chances are that it can eliminate some useful application or software like Microsoft Office Suite.  Customers should have the necessary media to re-install such tools after using the Microsoft's refresh tool.

Refresh Windows Tool will give users an option to either discard or keep their personal files, folders or documents. After the tool is used, windows setting revert to their default option. Reported Techtimes

Microsoft Windows 10 Refresh Tool was launched in summers at the windows insider program. Accessing this tool is simple in three steps, click on start then click on settings and finally on update and security. Further select 'setting and recovery panel' and then click the link on the right. It should take you to a landing page where all the necessary information about Refresh Window tool is present for users to read it and download it from there. Reported Windowscentral.

According to howtogeek, people who want to save time can go directly open Refresh tool page from their browser. You need to tap on the button labeled as 'Download tool now' and save the software to your computer hard drive, install it when the download is completed. Once the installation is done, users will see a second screen asking for the clean-up process. At this stage, one can save their personal document from the clean-up process. 

Microsoft Windows 10 Refresh Tool is no doubt, one of the most useful tool launched by the software giant in recent times. It is all a Microsoft user could ask for, with Windows 10 anniversary update.

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