'Beyond Good And Evil 2' Release Date, News: Ubisoft To Release Game Soon? Will It Be A Nitendo NX Exclusive?

First Posted: Oct 19, 2016 06:00 AM EDT

Ubisoft is developing "Beyond Good and Evil 2" and it could be a part of a new game. Michel Ancel is heading the new game. Gaming experts suggest that it could be Nintendo NX exclusive as it doesn't make sense not to, considering the team's efforts towards the title.

Ubisoft Developing "Beyond Good And Evil 2"

Ubisoft has a development team which has hands-on experience on Nintendo hardware. Ubisoft is also very upfront in supporting NX. Ubisoft Montpellier studio is in the process completing the development and a launch. They have worked on Zombiu, Rayman origins and Rayman Legends. Reported Gamerant

Interestingly, let's play video game has gained some unique details amidst its hugely popular title. According to playstationlifestyle, Ubisoft and Ancel are not naming the project as "Beyond Good and Evil 2" because according to them this game is not a sequel to any pre-released game, rather it is a new standalone concept.

These sounds pretty much good to people who haven't played Beyond Good and Evil. This will further increase the target audience of the game as people who have never played Beyond Good and Evil can experience this new game post its launch.

It was further revealed that the new "Beyond Good And Evil 2" gameplay will be inspired by an old story with peyi's backstory. The ending of the game will also be same as the earlier one. To further keep the fans excited it was revealed that cliffhanger which was the part of an old story (Beyond Good and Evil) will also be taken into consideration this time. It is also speculated that CG trailer can be shown with Nintendo NX reveal. The game is speculated to be launched in summer of 2018.

William Audureau, a French journalist, revealed on twitter that Nintendo NX might happen sometime next week. After his update, game lovers are eagerly waiting for the new updates from Nintendo NX.

With so much speculation in the market, "Beyond Good And Evil 2" has already received the much-needed hype prior to the release date.

Stay tuned to SWR for more updates and latest news on "Beyond Good And Evil 2" release date, gameplay and features.

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