Two Mysterious 'Cavities' Discovered In The Great Pyramid Of Giza

First Posted: Oct 19, 2016 05:10 AM EDT

Scientists from Operation ScanPyramids discovered two mysterious and hidden cavities in the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. The historical pyramid also known as Khufu pyramid has been speculated with hidden passageways and corridors. It seems those thoughts are proven true with such evidence.

The researchers have substantiated the presence of the hidden cavities in the pyramid that was built 4,500 years ago using the radiography scanning. They discovered a mysterious void behind the pyramid's north face and an unidentified cavity up in its northeastern edge structures that are unconnected from the main channels and tombs inside the colossal monument. They said that there is no connection between the two cavities, according to Daily Mail.

The researchers in collaboration with Egypt's Cairo University and the Heritage, Innovation and Preservation Institute in Paris have used a combination of 3D simulation, infrared thermography and muon radiography imaging to detect any anomalies in the pyramid, according to Science Alert. A scientist from Operation ScanPyramids said that they are able to confirm the existence of a "void" hidden behind the north face, that could have the form of at least one corridor going inside the Great Pyramid.

The details of the void such as the shape, size and exact position are now under investigation. This will be done with the aid of 12 new muon emulsion plates that are attached in the descending corridor. This will be collected by the end October 2016, according to researchers. Besides the discovery of the cavities, it is reported that inside the Great Pyramid there are other chevrons that cover the King and Queen Chambers.

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