'Shenzhou 11' Manned-Launch Will Mark China's Territory And Strengthen Up In Space

First Posted: Oct 19, 2016 05:58 AM EDT

China recently launched a manned space project with its Shenzhou 11 rocket into orbit carrying two Chinese astronauts. The project was launched from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch center in notrhtern part of China. intended to test and develop China's ability to conduct more launch and explore space. 

The manned launch carrying two men took place at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch center in northern part of China. The men will be docking in the Tiangong 2 space lab, an experimental space entity of the Chinese government. The orbital trip will last for 30 days for both men and it is so far the longest duration of stay in space by Chinese astronauts. This recent event together with previous launches are considered as stepping stones for Chinese space projects for a possible crewed missions to the Moon or even Mars. An earlier version of Tiangong or 'Heavenly Palace' station was decommissioned earlier this year after docking with rockets prior to this current launch.

Chinese astronauts on this latest space mission were 49-year old Jing Haipeng who already has a couple of completed space mission under his belt. The other Chinese astronaut is 37-year old Chen Dong.

The current launch will take the taikonauts two full days before they reach the orbiting Chinese laboratory. The men will mostly spend their time in space in analyzing plant growth and development in space. They will also be administering ultrasound to themselves to scan and analyze their body's performance while they are high up in the orbiting lab.

With this great event on China, only a handful of foreign media were allowed to enter inside the high security launch base to cover the launch. China is seen to be very proud of its own version of space program. While at the time being, the communist country is being criticized for continuous expansion and show of military strength especially in the Souch China Sea. China wants the world to see that this launch is different. They would also want to be portrayed as a contributing nation into the body of knowledge in space explorations.

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