‘Final Fantasy 7’ Remake Latest News, Rumors, Updates: Square Enix To Unveil Game At PSX 2016? Developers To Change Original Action Gameplay?

First Posted: Oct 19, 2016 05:50 AM EDT

Latest news on the "Final Fantasy 7" remake say about its appearance in the upcoming PSX 2016 event. Besides that, fans might get an update on the release date in 2017 as well as a new battling system.

The updates were given by Tetsuya Nomura who is the leading game director for "Final Fantasy 7" remake. He was also quoted saying about a new battle system which will be a lot different than the one used in the original game. Tetsuya is working with his team to complete the project so that it can be launched soon in the upcoming year.

"Final Fantasy 7" Remake game battle updates:

The original title for the PlayStation console featured an Active Time Battle system (ATB). But, the remake is not going to feature ATB. It will offer a gameplay that is focused on action-oriented mechanics. Nomura said that many FF7 fans requested for the original ATB action style in the game's remake. But, he told the audience that the new gameplay system is flawless for the revamped version. The ones new to the new gameplay will be offered supported features to improve their gameplay.

Here is the official gameplay trailer of the "Final Fantasy 7" Remake:

According to Nomura, "Dissidia" is considered an inspiration for the "Final Fantasy 7" remake. In addition, the game will feature three sections just like in the "Final Fantasy XIII". And, each section will be a separate game plot.

PSX 2016 is rumored to be the chosen place for revealing details related to the upcoming remake. PSX 2016 is coming up from 3rd to 4th December and Square Enix is planning to use it as a medium for the upcoming updates. Further news suggest that "Final Fantasy 7" remake is likely to get updated for the PlayStation 4 Neo or the PlayStation 4 Pro. This might be the reason why the remake is delayed for its release in 2017.

Besides that, Nomura stated that "Final Fantasy 7" remake might also be available for the Nintendo NX in the near future. What all is planned by Square Enix for the game will be heard during the PSX 2016. We will keep track of further news and updates on the release date for the game, so stay tuned for updates really soon.

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