GTA 5 Online : Biker DLC Update For PC, Xbox One, And PS4

First Posted: Oct 18, 2016 06:15 AM EDT

Rockstar is ready to drop a bomb on the GTA 5 Online gamers with its Biker DLC update during the coming months. New leaks suggest a steady stream of content to be in store for PC, Xbox One, And PS4.

The new content, Biker DLC will be in a steady stream with weekly installments. Fans expect return of some of the game's spooky content around Halloween.

The new GTA online update will launch in December and will be "Law and Order" themed. Players can expect some additional roam mission by purchasing police vehicles.

GTA 5 online has also revealed in-depth information including new biker expansion, including a full list of vehicles that will be added. As reported by Express UK Rockstar said,

"Today, two new vehicles have been added to the roster of available rides. Plus, Dynasty 8 has answered the prayers of many players with the ability to purchase a sixth property."

The Biker DLC update will feature new modes which would be Deadline, Kill Quota, and Lost Vs Damned.

With new modes, players will face off as either Angels or Devils. Angels will be able to score during the day and vice versa. The Player can kill their opponents during their own time to make other lose points.

The deadline mode has also received an update. It will now feature a top-down view. With the GTA 5, Online update players will be able to unlock exclusive outfits and special vehicles by playing the Tron-theme. As reported by Breathecast.

With GTA 5 Online update players PS4 and Xbox One users can create a bikers gang, put up a business, Customize their rides, and even from a clubhouse. Competing with rival motorcycle groups will also be enabled with this biker DLC update.

With weekly updates, fans are assured of some amazing experience with something new to play every week. If the list of unreleased vehicles is to be believed the GTA 5 Online Update will enhance the experience for its players.

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