Bait Worms Are Valuable Marine Resource, Study Claims

First Posted: Oct 19, 2016 03:31 AM EDT

Bait worms may be considered as a low marine resource but a new study has determined the financial status of the bait worm industry and its environmental impact. The study reveals that the industry of bait worm earns nearly £6 billion per year.

The price of bait worms is much greater than any other seafood products. According to the UPI news, a pound of bait worms costs nearly $82 in the US. Every year, approximately, 264 million pounds or 120000 metric tons of bait worms are sold across the globe. It is more costly than a pound of lobsters.

Extraction of bait worms has an important physical impact, both through the turning over of shore residue and removal of bait worms. The collection process and the loss of worms has a deeper impact on the bird population and other species who depend on these worms as their source of food.

During the study, the researchers have motivated the assessment of the value and impact of bait worm fishing. Certain actions from the concerned authorities are required to ensure sustainable bait fisheries and minimized environmental impacts.

According to the ScienceNewsLine, Dr. Gordon Watson, a leading author of the Fish and Fisheries assessment said, "This is the first assessment of its kind which focuses on the extraordinary value of the worms and the huge amounts removed at the local, national and international levels." He also stated that it provokes the people at all level to take action in order to fully access these fisheries and ensure that they are managed and preserved well for the future.

With an increase in Bait fishing, the industry can continue to stay as the higher earning industry among others. Bait worms have a great value and are considered to be the favorite human consumption seafood for many across the globe. Thus, it makes the bait worms to be the most valuable marine resource.

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