Gold Coast 'Zombie Drug': What's Behind The Mass Overdose?

First Posted: Oct 18, 2016 05:00 AM EDT

A Gold Coast 'zombie drug' might be behind the mass overdose that caused 16 people to be hospitalized on Saturday morning. This is the speculation that has yet to be confirmed when several people severely hallucinated after taking illicit drugs in separate parties.

According to Yahoo 7, at least one of the patients needed to be sedated before being brought to the hospital. Eight of them were also believed to be in their early 20s or late teens.

Meanwhile, three men were believed to be Victorian footballers. The footballers were reportedly very agitated. They were likewise doing weird things like jumping on furniture and incoherently babbling. Ambulance supervisor Paul Young said one man even stopped breathing, so he was incubated. Authorities also found four men and a woman hallucinating while jumping around the street and swimming in a canal.

Two victims were in critical condition while one was in a coma. According to Mr. Young, the effects could be deadly. Due to similar symptoms, he also believes the incidents are linked.

According to The Guardian, a man is still in critical condition on Monday while the other 15 patients were allowed to go home. A spokeswoman for the hospital could not tell if he was expected to live.

The Queensland Police said the substance was already sent off for testing. The local media claims that the victims took flakka, but a spokesperson refused to confirm if it was indeed the Gold Coast 'zombie drug'. It will take weeks to identify what caused the mass overdose. Mr. Young also said that any illegal substance taken would result in an unknown effect.

Flakka is a synthetic hallucinogen scientifically called Alpha-PVP. It is also referred to as 'zombie drug' or 'gravel' and has been deemed the scariest in America.

The news about the Gold Coast 'zombie drug' causing a mass overdose is a huge concern among Australia's scientific and medical community. As of writing, there are reports saying that the drug is being produced increasingly.

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