Marijuana-Infused Wine Is Here For Real, Where To Buy?

First Posted: Oct 17, 2016 05:14 AM EDT

The controversy regarding marijuana is endless. Pro-marijuana people would love to share with others the good effects of the medical cannabis. Marijuana products such as brownies, cannabis oil and so much more flying in. Thus, a new product is made for wine and marijuana fans. The marijuana-infused wine is made available, but people can only buy it in California.

The idea of marijuana-infused wine all started when two girls met on a camping trip in Yosemite National Park in 2010. Lisa Molyneux, a cancer survivor who now owns a dispensary in Santa Cruz and a marijuana retail worked hand in hand with Louisa Sawyer Lindquist of Verdad Wines in Santa Maria. They both want to aid cancer survivors with marijuana and wine.

The result of their brilliant minds is Canna Vine, a high-end marijuana product incorporated with organically grown marijuana and biodynamically farmed grapes, made with the care of Opus One. Celebrities including Melissa Etheridge and Chelsea Handler expressed their support with the marijuana-infused product. As a matter of fact, Etheridge has her own line of wine called Know Label and it was also made by Molyneux.

The catch of the "Pot wine, also known as green wine (described, for legal reasons, as a "tincture") has probably been around almost as long as there has been pot and wine. Now, the challenge is how to actually get it. Not only it is pricey with a price ranging from $120 to $400 a half bottle. People can buy it only in California, U.S. because it is only legal to buy it there. As for some states where marijuana is also legal such as Colorado, Oregon, and Washington, the problem is it is illegal to infuse alcohol with it, as reported by Indian Express.

However, Sawyer-Lindquist id that "Cannabis wine has been so effective as a stress reliever, as a mood elevator, and as a medicine. I have no idea what the market will be like for it, but whatever I make it I want to be safe, made from pure ingredients and, hopefully, delicious." Etheridge added that "I think that an herb-infused wine might be the sort of beautiful bridge to helps us to understand where cannabis fits into our culture." According to LA Times.

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