Duolingo Comes Up With Chatbots Helping Users Learn New Languages

First Posted: Oct 11, 2016 05:06 AM EDT

There are a lot of amazing startups that aid people in unique ways. Apart from that lot, Duolingo stands out tall and wide, helping users learn new languages. The company comes up with new and interactive learning that the users will definitely love!

The Duolingo comes with chatbots that engage in text message based conversations with the users. The languages currently supported by this feature include French, Spanish and German. They are probably not as good as the real people, but they do help out in making you learn a new language.

There are different personas in the chatbot feature, that help people not only explore their proficiency in a language, but also tap into a "more interactive environment." Now, you do not have to be worried if you do not know what to reply to the bot, as the app also gives you suggestions on tapping the "Help my reply" button.

A person from Techcrunch did a quick demonstration of the chatbots in a video clip. He used the app and found out that the feature is only accessible once a user has completed a specific number of lectures. This ensures that the trained get to explore the advanced training and the right features stay in the right hands.

Duolingo's chatbot feature is only limited to the Apple's iOS range at this moment. The bots are doing very well in teaching the people. An introduction to the Androids will be rolled out very soon so that Android lovers may also experience the sweet feature being offered by the company.

The chatbots come with very bright and colorful characters. They are unique in their taste in the learning industry and provide interactive environment to the users. This not only ensures an entertaining experience, but also a unique two way learning experience for the people. The personas covered in the chatbots are unique, sweet and lovely which can engage the users in many colorful ways.

With the chatbots under the disposal, the Duolingo has made the interactive learning experience shift to a new shape. The time is very near when the class rooms will shift to virtual workspaces and education will have an even better influence. 

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