Obesity Rate In 2050: Childhood Obesity To Affect Millions of Kids

First Posted: Oct 11, 2016 05:18 AM EDT

Apparently, most people don't think twice about their choice of food. The same thing goes for numerous parents who fail to make sure their children are eating the right kind and amount of food. Now, here's bad news for people around the world: The predicted obesity rate in 2050 is high and alarming. 268 million kids will suffer from childhood obesity.

According to India Times, investigators released data revealing that by 2050, obesity will be a big problem worldwide. But it is also important to take note that even the current rates are already alarming.  According to researchers, young people aged five to 17 are the most vulnerable. Published in the journal Pediatric Obesity, the study says childhood obesity has affected 76 million kids in 2010 and will affect 91 million children in 2025. This makes the predicted obesity rate in 2050 quite possible.

Tim Lobstein from World Obesity Federation in London said the publicized data should alarm health professionals and health service managers, for it means there will be increasing rates of illnesses as well. Lobstein is a co-author of the study, which is currently gaining attention worldwide in the midst of the World Obesity Day.

Additionally, the study predicts that up to 12 million children will suffer from impaired glucose tolerance in 2025. By the same year, 4 million will suffer from Type-2 diabetes, 38 million will suffer from hepatic steatosis, and 27 million will have hypertension. Another important thing to take note of is the fact that not all fat kids are healthy. Many of them are actually undernourished. Such predictions also indicate that the high obesity rate in 2050 would be a huge threat to the health of millions of kids.

Meanwhile, childhood obesity does not only affect the physical health of kids. According to NDTV, it can also ruin one's social life. Known to many, overweight or obese people are prone to being bullied or humiliated. Consequently, they may also engage in bullying behavior.

The predicted obesity rate in 2050 is indeed alarming. But as mentioned earlier, even the current rate is alarming as well. The government and families around the world should come up with effective measures to fight obesity, particularly childhood obesity.

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