Is Medical Marijuana Safe For Pets? Positive Reports From Owners Show

First Posted: Oct 10, 2016 05:52 AM EDT

More and more people are turning into medical marijuana. Different states are demanding it to be legalized. Positive reports regarding marijuana are immensely overwhelming. The current report shows that not only people, but also pets are cured by the medicinal marijuana.

In a report from the New York Times, several pet owners gave marijuana to their pets and obtained positive results. Testimony from one woman who at first questions giving marijuana to her pet cat, but eventually gave in said that "She comes out and socializes, wants to be in your lap, wants to be petted, opposed to before when the cat would just hide in the closet suffering from arthritis."

The owner of the cat also wants to tell everyone that after she gave Little Kitty marijuana the cat never acted high. "Falling face-first into her food bowl and chewing down never happen, Wow! No need to resort to clichéd stereotypes."

Meanwhile, The Sweet Leaf Shoppe offers marijuana-based treatments for pets. The founder of the shop Melinda Hayes reported that their goal is to help owners treat their pets with a cannabis-based alternative. For now, they already treat 40 pets. In the future, they would love to have a full-service dispensary that could cater to pets. She added, "This way I can combine my two favorite things: dogs and pot."

However, Melinda Hayes suggested that, one should not give their pets regular marijuana edibles. It does not work for them and can cause them harm. Marijuana products that only have CBD are safe for pets, but products that contains THC can be harmful to animals.

The Food and Drug Administration did not approve any of the medical marijuana to be given to pets. Hence, doctors are not allowed to prescribe medical marijuana, even to places where the cannabis is legal. As suggested, further research for the pet's safety needs to be conducted.

A veterinarian in Bend, Ore, Steve Blauvelt said that "Dogs are very sensitive to the effects of THC with the recent legalization of marijuana in some states. More pets have ended up in veterinary hospitals panting and in distress after digging into their owners' stashes or pilfering a pot-laced cookie from the counter," according to Daily Mail.

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