Bodybuilder Grows Biceps Too Much Due To Injecting Oil, Wants Them To Grow More

First Posted: Oct 08, 2016 04:04 AM EDT

Making headlines today is bodybuilder Valdir Segato from Brazil. While some people risk their lives for their countries and to inspire others, Segato is risking his for something quite odd. He is doing it for his strong desire to look good and be famous. He has grown his biceps too much by injecting oil, and he does not want to stop.

According to the India Times, numerous people who know Segato call him names like The Hulk, He-Man, or Schwarzenegger. The 48-year-old bodybuilder likes it and even wants to have even bigger muscles.

Five years ago, he started injecting oil in his body to have a bulked-up muscular look. His biceps were 12 inches then. Due to continuous usage, they now measure 23 inches and such size does not give Segato some satisfaction.

In the midst of the attention this bodybuilder gets, he says it is a dream come true. He said he sees his body growing and he wants more. He was once a skinny man who got addicted to drugs. Segato did not eat and he lost so much weight that people called him 'little skull' and 'skinny dog'.

According to Metro, Segato decided to go to the gym where another user introduced the oil called synthol to him. The user said it could lead to effects more extreme than those he could get from weight-lifting alone. And so, he started injecting oil not just into his biceps, but also into his shoulders and chest. But alarming is the fact that synthol can be fatal.

Segato knows about the danger of inserting the oil in his body. Doctors tell him to stop, but he does not want to. Some of his friends also feel worried about him. He likewise experiences unfavorable things like people mocking him and the difficulty to find love. But the guy has nothing but determination to reach his ultimate goal, which is to make a career from his body.

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