The Cool Spice: Study Says Cinnamon Cools Off Stomach, Improves Health

First Posted: Oct 07, 2016 03:59 AM EDT

Literally and figuratively speaking, cinnamon is a cool spice. Literally, because it has the ability to cool off the stomach. Figuratively, because such capacity can lead to various health improvements. And yes, a new study supports these claims.

First off, having some cinnamon sprinkled in the food might lower stomach temperature. This is according to a study conducted in animals, as Live Science reported.

The study focused on pigs divided into groups. Some consumed food supplemented with cinnamon while some consumed regular food. The groups likewise stayed in rooms with different temperatures. Basically, the ones that ate food with the spice had lower stomach temperatures compared with those that consumed regular food. Also, the pigs that ate food without cinnamon experienced an increase in stomach temperature.

Meanwhile, researchers have found a similar effect when they conducted a similar study in humans. The findings from the human trial have not yet reached a peer-reviewed journal publication, but the results suggest that cinnamon can also lower the temperature of digestion in human stomach.

More than just the cooling effect, the lowering of temperature links to decreased levels of digestive enzyme pepsin and stomach acid. Such effects may likewise result in blood flow enhancement around the stomach walls, which may then lead to better gut health and improved digestion. It is important to take note, however, that claims on gut health and digestion needs more research. In connection to this, Science Daily reported that the effects of cinnamon cooling off the stomach can benefit one's overall health.

The details above are good news to everyone especially to those with digestive and gut health concerns. Such claims will even become better news once more studies back them up. Who could have thought that merely putting a type of spice in their food can lead to great health improvements?

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