Sex And Sports Do Mix, Research Reveals

First Posted: Oct 08, 2016 03:38 AM EDT

If urban myths are to be believed, sex in itself is a workout, as it could burn up to 360 calories in cardio. And whether true or not, some claim to be very good at it that one or both partners will be sore from all the workout after.

Yet, no matter how long you last during intercourse; scientists now believe that you won't be doing too much sex as to compromise your performance in sports. The study, which appeared in the journal Frontiers in Physiology, said that sex does not actually lessen chances of winning - instead, it increases it because sex, as it turns out, can boost performance in sports.

The idea of separating sex and sports is said to have originated with ancient Greek philosophists, but IFL Science noted there had been little scientific research into the subject, but many athletes abstain from having sex the days before major competitions - especially boxers and fighters.

Still, the fact that you have to abstain from sex to get better scores during your games is not something that every athlete believes, especially if the condoms freely handed out in the Athlete's Village during the Olympics could be any indication of their sexual activities.

Still, studies have tried to examine how sex and sports actually do affect each other, and many came back with the same conclusion: there is no difference in sports performance for those who have and haven't had sex in the days prior to their competition.

In fact, researchers now conclude that as long as an athlete gives himself at least two hours to recover after having an intense copulation session, your chances of success on the field or court or ring would remain the same.

So if you're an athlete looking to get lucky, don't worry: chances are that you can get laid before a game, it's your actual skill and talent during the competition that could determine whether or not you will win or lose the match.

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