Physical Appearance Affects Young Girls: Girls' Attitude Survey 2016

First Posted: Oct 06, 2016 04:11 AM EDT

In the midst of media exposure, the Girls’ Attitude Survey 2016 revealed that girls’ body confidence declined compared to findings five years ago. The results suggest that focusing on girls’ physical appearance consume the minds of young girls in the society.

According to Ballymena Times, 52 percent or more than half of young girls don’t feel good about themselves and 15 percent or approximately one in six girls aged seven to 10 feel ashamed of how they look. Moreover, 35 percent or one in three respondents think that the judgment on women depend on their physical appearance instead of their ability.

Becky Hewitt, director of Girlguiding UK, said that focusing on physical appearance already has a shocking impact on the young girls. She stressed that the respondents of the Girls’ Attitude Survey 2016 want people to stop judging them. Likewise, Hewitt added that each day in guiding, girls show their kindness, bravery, and sense of adventure; which are inspiring.

Additionally, 36 percent or one in three girls aged seven to 10 said that people’s judgment made them believe that how they look is the most important thing about them. For this reason, Hewitt is calling people to value girls for who they are and not for how they look.

The Huffington Post UK reported that even in primary school, thoughts about body image cause girls to worry. Worse, 38 percent or more than one in three of them feel they are “not pretty enough”. The report likewise says that images objectifying women, sexist online abuse, and street harassment are among the factors that contribute to today’s girls’ confidence.

Meanwhile, Brownine leader and Girlguiding UK advocate Liddy Buswell said the findings of the Girls’ Attitude Survey 2016 did not surprise her; although it indeed shocked her. She emphasized the fact that she witnessed the aforementioned issues first-hand. She narrated how she witnessed girls who did not want to speak to groups because of their physical appearance. The girls also lacked confidence in trying new activities for the same reason.

Lastly, the Girls’ Attitude Survey 2016 revealed that one in 10 or 10 percent of young girls aged seven to 10 have faced people saying negative things about their bodies. According to Buswell, the survey is a clear indication of the need for an action to tackle the issue. The subjects of the study were 1,627 girls between ages seven to 21. Also among the questions asked were issues concerning their health, relationships, and careers.

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